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When you’re traveling to another country, there are a few things you need to be prepared with: a passport, a camera, a trusty pair of sunglasses, and perhaps most importantly, a travel visa. Whether you’re going to another country for business or a vacation, a passport and a visa are two vital things you need to travel with.

Whereas a passport is issued in your country of citizenship and allows you to enter the country you’re visiting and your home country, a visa permits you to stay in a foreign country. Having a travel visa means that you are legally able to be in the country you’re traveling to. Without a visa, you won’t be able to stay. Therefore, it’s important to remember to apply for one and to hold onto it.

But sometimes mistakes happen, and you may catch yourself 48 hours before a big trip without a travel visa. Maybe you forgot to apply for one, or maybe you lost it in the midst of packing. Either way, we have you covered. When you are preparing for a trip, and you need an emergency visa quickly, The Passport Guys can help.

The Passport Guys’ Expedited Visa Services

At The Passport Guys, we specialize in providing you with expedited passports and emergency visas in as little as 24 hours. We understand that things can get misplaced and trips can be planned last minute, so we are available 24/7 to help you. We are registered but not affiliated with the U.S. Government, meaning that all of our passports and visas are reliable and certified.

We can assist you with a simple application, preparation of request forms and required documents, quick shipment, and every other part of the process to receive an emergency visa. Just call us or fill out an application right when you need it, and we may even be able to get it to you overnight.

You also don’t have to worry about rushing to complete a complicated application process. We understand that you’re in a rush to receive your emergency visa and get on your plane to India or another country, so we make everything very simple. Just submit a quick form on our website or call us to begin the application process. After giving us some quick info and sending us a few important documents, you’ll be all set.

Emergency Visas to India

Whether you’re going to China, to Brazil, or to India from the USA a week from now, we will get your emergency visa to you when you need it. Whereas other agencies and offices may take three to six weeks to issue you a visa or passport, we are always just a phone call away to respond to emergencies and quickly get your travel visa sent to your doorstep.

When you’re packing up to head to Brazil, or you’re booking your flight to India, make sure that you have your visa prepared. But if not, we can offer quick and convenient services 24/7. In addition to sending emergency visas, we also send expedited new or replacement passports for adults and children.

As you prepare to go to China or to India from the USA, don’t allow forgetting to get your visa put a damper on your vacation. If you forgot to check off “get visa” on your mental checklist, you don’t have to worry. At The Passport Guys, we send you reliable and authentic tourist or business travel visas in no time.

Call us today to learn more about our expedited and emergency visa services.

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