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a woman holding a suitcase in one hand and her passport and boarding pass in the otherThe Philadelphia Passport Guys is the name you can trust for an emergency passport in New Jersey. When you need your emergency passport in a hurry, we will assist your short-term travel arrangements by providing you with a U.S. passport in a timely fashion. There is no need to delay your travel plans any further causing you to waste time, energy, and money. If you need an emergency passport or urgent passport renewal –  leave the stress to us! Give us a call and obtain your immediate U.S. Passport today!

Providing services for emergency and same-day passport needs in NJ, we guarantee the process will be safe and secure. Our company will implement high-securing passport processing on every application that comes to us in regards to receiving emergency service. Regardless of if you need urgent passport renewal service or quick lost passport replacement service, we are committed to getting your travel documents to you as fast as possible.

Our customer service representatives are efficient and friendly, so you will never be left with a concern regarding the urgent passport services we provide. You will be able to get in contact with us immediately by email or by calling our toll-free phone number. If you need an expedited passport in NJ, then we are who to turn to for a quick lost passport replacement!

There will be no more guessing about how to obtain a same-day passport in NJ. We will provide easy-to-follow assistance and instructions that will be clear as day when you go to complete your U.S. passport application. Our 24 hour passport specialists will be able to take your call or email any time of day, making us the most convenient and fast passport agency in New Jersey.

Acquiring an urgent passport in New Jersey will never leave you stressed-out again! Rely on The Philadelphia Passport Guys to take care of everything! We will not only provide you with fast passport service when acquiring your emergency passport, but we also provide the best prices available today! Don’t sit there waiting around, pick up the phone and call us today for an immediate passport!

Step 1: Gather and Prepare Documents for an Expedited New U.S. Passport

a. Online DS-11 Application – Do not sign this application form until you are instructed to during Authorization.

Follow this link to fill out the DS -11

Important, When finished you will click the Link that says “create form”.
Once printed there should be Two(2) barcodes on the page labeled Page 1 of 2.

b. Proof of Citizenship – You must provide ONE of the following.

Previous U.S. Passport more than 15 years old
Certified Birth Certificate issued by state, county or city
Certificate of Citizenship or FS-240, DS-1350
Certificate of Naturalization

c. Proof of Identity

Valid drivers State or Federal ID.
d. Evidence of Immediate Travel – supply 2 copies of 1 of the following

Copy of ticket indicating travel to a foreign country.
Travel itinerary or eticket stating reserved or confirmed.
Business travelers may submit a Business Letter of Expedite, if the above is not available. Call for clarification.

e. Passport Photographs – taken by a professional.

Obtain 2 Passport photos. (Pharmacies now do this. CVS, Walgreens, etc.)

f. U.S. Government Fees

Make a check or money order payable to “U.S. Department of State” for $190 (this is the  government processing fee for an Expedited Passport). Check should have a pre printed name and address. Temporary or starter checks are not acceptable.

Accepcence Agent Fee is $35

g. Authorization Letter- Allows us to act as your agent.

Print and complete 2 copies of the Expedited Passport

h. PhiladelphiaPassports.com,Inc. Expedited Order Form, complete and include with order.

Step 2: Authorization Process
An Acceptance Agent will verify your identity and witness your signature

Click HERE to find your nearest local agent.

Passport Acceptance Agents are found in local Post Offices and Court Houses. (not every
Post Office or Court House is an Acceptance Agent) Most acceptance facilities are open 9:00am – 4:00pm. We urge you to call your local Acceptance Agent to verify their hours of operation. Click Here to search by zip code for the nearest agent. Please be sure to check the hours they process passport applications.

Before appearing in front of an Acceptance Agent, please be sure you have all the required  documents.

This is what you will need.

1. Completed DS- 11 application
2. Proof of Citizenship
3. Proof of Identity
4. Evidence of Immediate Travel
5. Authorization Letter
6. Passport Photographs
7. The $190 check or money order to “U.S. Dept. of State”

Step 3: Please Call to Review 215-739-3844

Ship Documents to Philadelphiapassports.Com:

Important ! DO NOT USE U.S. Postal Service Express Mail.

You will be enclosing 4 items into the package:

The government sealed envelope from the Acceptance Agent
PhiladelphiaPassports.Com Order Form
One copy of Letter of Authorization
Evidence of Immediate Travel

Please call for shipping instructions