Expedited Travel Visas

a man in a suit holding out his passportWhen you’re traveling out of the country, whether for an emergency, on vacation, a business trip, or leaving the United States and returning to your home country, you need the proper documentation.

The requirements for entry vary between countries and are always changing. Some countries require all travelers to obtain a visa, while other countries will waive the requirements. Depending on which country you plan on visiting, the documents may only allow one or several entries before the visa expires.

Due to ongoing changes, please call our Office at 215-739-3844 for updated Visa information, forms and pricing.

We will e-mail or fax to you the correct updated forms and/or requirements for proper visa acquisition in the shortest possible time.

What are Visas & Why Are They Required?

Visas are a form of endorsement used by sovereign nations to grant travelers permission to enter their country for a specific purpose. They usually appear in the form of a stamp or sticker that is placed inside of a passport to show that the carrier has obtained the proper permission to enter, leave, or stay in a country for a specified amount of time. Some countries have a more rigorous application process than others which may require an interview or medical screening.

Our Process

We help you make sure you have the proper visa when you wish to exit the country. It is a complicated process for immigration law, and we work with you, answering all of your questions to help you understand the process.

There are typically three types of travel documents you may need to inquire about.

  • Advance Parole – re-entry despite lack of valid immigration visa.
  • Re-Entry Permit – issued to green card holders and conditional residents to re-enter the U.S.
  • Refugee Travel Document – can be used in place of a passport by a refugee.

At The Passport Guys, we address your issues and ensure that you have the proper documentation to return when you’re leaving the country. Even if your family is facing an urgent situation that requires last minute travel, we can help you get the emergency travel visas you need.

Emergency Travel Visas in Philadelphia

If you have to travel abroad on short notice or for an emergency, you should inquire about an expedited business visa so you won’t miss your trip. Recent changes to immigration laws present severe consequences for both legal residents and foreign nationals who are adjusting their status when they leave the country and try to re-enter.

We help make the process simple and easy. When you face an emergency in Philadelphia, give us a call and we’ll have the emergency travel visa ready when you need it.

Why Choose The Passport Guys

Each year millions of foreign visitors travel to the U.S. while others choose to live here permanently. At The Passport Guys, we recognize that International visitors and immigrants add greatly to our nation’s cultural, education, and economic well-being.

While we welcome foreign visitors to this country with open arms, we understand that it is important to do everything we can to keep everyone here safe. We believe in secure borders and the laws in place to allow those that follow them to be allowed to stay.

With help from The Passport Guys, we help ensure you have the right travel documents when you’re looking for quick passports and emergency travel visas in the Philadelphia area.

Contact us today to begin your travel visa application.